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Benefits to wearing an N95 mask

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Benefits to wearing an N95 mask

There are many different mask options to choose from, however according to an article in the medical journal Science Advances, fitted, non-valved N95 masks are the best mask option and offer the highest level of protection.

The biggest benefit to an N95 mask is that they filter 95% of aerosol particulates. The N95 mask is made with multi-layer synthetic design and are meant to be worn over the mouth and nose. Wearing the mask properly, filters out 95% of aerosol particulates that might be transmitting COVID-19.

Another great benefit is that the United States has a very rigorous approval process for these kinds of masks, making counterfeiting less of a problem. N95 masks have been lab tested and approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the U.S. government agency responsible for regulating masks. 

For more information about N95 masks from the CDC click here.

Finally, the tight fit and seal on a persons's face is what gives the N95 mask a higher level of protection, apart from the high quality materials the mask is made from. This fact is critically important for healthcare personnel and others who may be in close contact with someone who is carrying COVID-19.

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