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Returns/shipping policy

Retail returns: Due to sanitary concerns we do not accept returns for our retail products. You can shop with confidence knowing that all our products are brand new, unopened and stored according to state regulations.

Retail shipping: Retail orders are typically shipped on the next business day. If there is additional handling time for a particular product, the product description will state the extra handling time needed before shipment. 

If your retail purchase is shipped and the carrier loses the package before delivery, we will ship out a replacement. However, if a carrier delivers a package and tracking shows the package has been delivered, we will not ship out replacements to cover stolen packages or carrier mistakes. If your package is shown as delivered but you have not received it please reach out to the carrier to locate your package.

Wholesale shipping and returns

Order Fulfillment: Fulfillment can take up to 10 business days depending upon stock levels, and therefore all wholesale clients are asked to plan accordingly. If all products in your order are in stock and ready, you should receive your order within 3-5 business days unless expedited shipping is selected. Back-ordered items can take up to 4 weeks to arrive, and in some cases can take longer, due to freight uncertainties. Please specify if you would like items to be sent as they are ready or held until the order is able to be shipped in full. Additional shipping fees may apply.

Shipping & Handling: The shipping charges quoted in your order are based on the total weight of the products chosen via UPS Ground. All orders will have Delivery Confirmation added. Orders shipped via UPS will require mandatory insurance based on the wholesale value of the order. If you would like us to use your shipping account, please include all necessary acct info. Insurance is required on all international orders (when available). If your particular country does not enable the purchase of insurance on your package, Austin Technology Supply will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur. Austin Technology Supply reserves the right to refuse any order felt to be fraudulent.

Wholesale Payments: Orders must be paid for in full in U.S. currency prior to shipment. At this time, we do not offer payment terms (Net 30, 60, 90, etc). We accept all major credit cards including AMEX, checks (with a 10 day hold for processing), cashier’s checks, and US money orders. Returned checks due to insufficient funds will be charged a $75 fee. Credit Card charges will appear on your statement as Austin Technology Supply. International orders must be paid by wire transfer or US money order and must arrive in US Currency. Any fees associated with the money transfer must be covered in the amount sent. If you are an international client and need to speak with us about other options, please contact

Wholesale Returns: We stand behind our products and want to maintain a great relationship with our customers. Our products are medical supplies, once they leave our control, we cannot sell those items to another customer. We do not want to sell you returned medical supplies. We do not offer Exchanges, Returns or Refunds of any kind on any items offered for sale on our website, for retail, or wholesale pricing.

Under the current health crisis due to COVID-19, we have to procure all goods in full in advance and offer competitive pricing to our customers. It is impossible to return any goods to our manufacturers as the logistics and shipping costs, and duties are prohibitive. Exploring any kind of returns we would have to incur at least 30% additional cost, and we would be forced to pass the cost back to the customer. Instead, we ask you to make sure you are buying the product you are going to keep and use. All sales are final, No exceptions.

Lost, Incorrect or Damaged Goods: If your merchandise is damaged or incorrect upon arrival, save all contents and packing materials and contact us immediately after its arrival. We will work on a case by case basis to investigate broken or lost shipments, but we provide no guarantee of replacement due to our limited supply during the pandemic.

Canceling/Changing Your Order: Due to our size and efficient fulfillment, we move pretty quickly, so we cannot guarantee that your order can be cancelled or altered after it has been placed. You may contact us as soon as possible to see if your order has already started to be processed. In the event that it has not, we will be more than happy to make changes to it within 24 hours.

We reserve the right to limit or discontinue the selling of our products to parties with any sales and distribution strategies not compatible to those of Austin Technology Supply.

By placing a wholesale order, you are stating that you understand and adhere to all policies set forth by Austin Technology Supply.