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The evidence is clear: masks work

Posted by S. Kit on
The evidence is clear: masks work

With all the unpredictable fluctuations of COVID-19, one thing has become crystal clear. Wearing a mask prevents the spread of the Coronavirus.

A study from Duke University gives us more insight into this, and which masks work the best at blocking the virus-spreading droplets.

“The spread of the virus really goes down in areas where people wear masks and it goes as down as four-to-five times reduced risk of infection when people in the community are wearing a mask than when they’re not wearing a mask,” says Dr. Dweik, pulmonologist, and Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Respiratory Institute.

According to the study, the best masks for blocking the spread of droplets is, not surprisingly, the medical-grade N95 mask used by many front-line health care workers.

What didn’t work, according to the study, were bandanas, knitted masks and neck fleeces, which are popular with runners for cold weather running and, now, coronavirus safety while exercising. Read more on the study from the Cleveland Clinic article here.

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