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For some, getting the J&J vaccine may be best

Posted by S. Kit on
For some, getting the J&J vaccine may be best

Johnson & Johnson got a green light from the US Food and Drug Administration on Saturday after an expert committee unanimously recommended on Friday evening that it should receive emergency-use authorization.

In trials around the world, J&J's shot was shown to be 66% effective at preventing coronavirus infections altogether, and 85% effective at preventing severe COVID-19 cases, when given four weeks to take effect.

It may not sound as effective as the Moderna, and Pfizer two-shot vaccines, both of which had efficacy better than 94% in their 2020 trials.

But the vaccine has several benefits: It's cheap, easy, and mild, and it performs against variants. 

For young, healthy people the vaccine may be more ideal for economic reasons of not being able to schedule a second shot, for others, they may prefer it because they can't tolerate vaccine side effects.

The truth is you can't pick out which vaccine you get anyway, so it's a good thing they all work. Read the rest of the INSIDER article here.

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