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Breathe easy with these FDA-authorized KN95 masks

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Breathe easy with these FDA-authorized KN95 masks

It's hard to believe that one year after the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, we would still be talking about face masks. It's the first thing we notice about people now, and it's a real reminder of our new world today.

Looking good aside, all the angst and worry can be easily remedied. There’s one affordable obvious choice for safety right now: KN95 masks. According to the CDC, these masks are the best pick for the average person—the gold-standard N95 masks should be reserved for medical personnel, per the Food and Drug Administration.

“KN95s are the Chinese version of N95s,” Dr. John Sellick, an infectious disease expert and professor of medicine at the University at Buffalo/SUNY, tells Yahoo Life. “They look and fit like the U.S. N95 masks” and they can also offer similar levels of protection. But, since KN95 masks aren’t normally made and sold in the U.S., they need an “emergency-use authorization” (EUA) to be sold here—which has been granted.

You need to be cautious though, because there are a lot of KN95 masks on the market, and not all of them have EUAs or have been tested to verify that they do what they claim to do. Some KN95 masks perform as well as N95 masks. And the key is to purchase KN95s in this category.

One such mask is the Benehal KN95 from the manufacturer Suzhou Sanical Protective Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has 3 certificates of approval. They have FDA EUA authorization, European certification to be sold as an FFP2, and Chinese KN95 standard. The particulate respirator filters at least 95 percent of airborne particles in testing conducted by the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL). A subdivision of the CDC, the NPPTL is a department that’s testing personal protective equipment for effectiveness.

Fortunately for everyone, a box of 20 masks is currently available at for just $34.99. These masks have four layers to protect you from airborne particles, a 3-D structure to make breathing easy, ear-loops and/or hook to wear around the neck, and a hidden nose clip for the perfect fit.

During trying times like these, you may want to grab a few extra boxes for loved ones. They will be thankful. Quality KN95 masks don’t stay in stock for long. So don’t hesitate. Scoop these up now.

Buy it: Benehal KN95, box of 20 masks, $

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